Why Our Synthetic Rattan Furniture?

Personal preference aside, we believe the pros of synthetic rattan outweigh that of natural rattan.

Cost Effective

It’s cost effective, which means you can own a piece (or three) of quirky furniture at a lesser amount than natural rattan.


It’s durable so that vibrant colour you love will last. Who knows, it might even become an heirloom (of sorts) for the next generation.


It’s produced with a little TLC and more. Each piece of our furniture is hand-woven and made with love.

100% recyclable

It’s 100% recyclable; after all, we want to do our part for the environment.

Fuss-free maintenance

It’s relatively fuss-free maintenance. Simply wash away dirt with warm, soapy water and your furniture will look better than ever.

Aluminium Frames

Just to add on, our furniture is also fortified with quality aluminium frames, so you don’t need to worry about rust and all that finicky stuff.

Type of weaves


Flat and half oval, this weave is available in different measurements and is one of the more popular weave types in the market.


Each weave is round and available in different measures as well as different textures.


Of rectangular shape and flat, there are different sizes and textures available.